Cabela’s branded reels

Well the time has come to scratch this off the list of serviceable reels. Cabela’s will not sell parts for their reels, instead they just want you to buy another reel. One and done. Seems short sighted to me and many others but hey they are in the business to sell new reels. If your like me and invest in quality equipment to be used over many years I would avoid this brand.






Abu Garcia


All these manufactures are still producing parts. Many have had supply constraints due to the Virus disruption to global supply chains.

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  1. Chris Andersen

    Yeah, that is not surprising, what a shame..
    I have so much more respect for a company that sees the big picture.

    Much appreciation for what you do within all this, (servicing) all this stuff.

    I literally sent you all my 13-16 reels a few years ago. Last 20 months have been a little weird, ya know?😏. Not as much use on my reels, but we will connect again .

    Thank you for these random posts.

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