Fishing reel greases

This time of year we reinvest in our oils and greases for the new year. Each has an application based on the reel type, size and if it’s saltwater or freshwater fished. Here are several that have proven superior in their category for our customers.

Fishing reel greases

The venerable and reliable Carl’s drag grease for all carbon fibers drags in baitcasters large and small. Purple and tan.

Yamalube marine grade grease for gears and internals, none spool bearings.

CorrosionX grease for gears and internals.

Shimano gear and drag grease for smaller baitcasters

Ultra Tef-gel is the latest added for heavy saltwater use in gears and internals.

Daiwa 555 for silky smooth drag washers in small spinning reels

All of these greases have passed the test on 100’s of reels and applications.

As for oils, 100% of the time spool bearings get TSI -321. Super fast we’ll protected and long lasting. Handles Knobs etc our go to is ReelX from the folks that make corrosionX products. We have zero issues with these oils and greases. They are expensive compared to many others, but we don’t skimp on quality. A little reminder for those of us doing service on our own reels, bearings only need one drop per bearing and grease can be applied lightly in the proper areas. More of either is not better!

If after a service you still feel or hear something that is just not right, discontinue use until a full cleaning and service is performed. Have a great new year and many tight lines!

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  1. Chris Andersen

    Love your annual posting, as it serves as a reminder of upcoming year and thinking about which reels could use some love.
    The details of the various oil/greases, is a great illustration as to care and dedication you put into everyone of these jobs. Thank you again for being out there. Such a great community business.

    Happy Holidays to you!

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