Fishing reel greases

This time of year we reinvest in our oils and greases for the new year. Each has an application based on the reel type, size and if it’s saltwater or freshwater fished. Here are several that have proven superior in their category for our customers. The venerable and reliable Carl’s drag grease for all carbon […]

Cabela’s branded reels

Well the time has come to scratch this off the list of serviceable reels. Cabela’s will not sell parts for their reels, instead they just want you to buy another reel. One and done. Seems short sighted to me and many others but hey they are in the business to sell new reels. If your […]

Mono or braid line spooling

Starting today if you need line put on your reel after service or repair we are ready to help. We invested in a line winder and spool tension device to load braid or mono or both! We have the tools to properly join hollow braid to mono top shots. We use Jerry Brown hollow braid […]

Let’s go fishing!

After it is all over and done, when we examine this past year’s challenges, it is our hope that each of us can find something in our life to feel gratitude towards. I personally did not fish as much as I had planned. I missed the upland bird season. We are expecting snow this week […]

COVID 19 and reels

Have to say that this year has been like no others. Masks, quarantine, slow mail, business closures, partial openings, more closures. Its exhausting to say the least. Idaho has certainly not had it as bad as most others. Somehow through it all, everyone that fishes seemed to find time to get out or at least […]

Bearings Bad, we have a puller!

I received my package yesterday from a fine gentleman in Chula Vista. In it was several unique bearing pullers for those pesky pocket bearings that just don’t want to come out. Several sizes to fit most needs. I had a Shimano Tekota side plate that I had given up on. The anti reverse bearing was […]