Newell 646-3 Reel

Newell’s still amaze me on their strength and weight.  Even this big 646-3 weighs only a fraction of what a comparable Penn weighs.  Got a couple of 300’s and 200’s in with a big 646-3.  I will put some upgrades into the 646-3 to bring it up to speed. Build List: Bryan Youngs Ultimate Drag Upgrade 7+1 System New Bearings from Boca Bearings Cortez Conversions … Continue reading Newell 646-3 Reel

Newell R220-5 Fishing Reel

It is inevitable once you start down the Newell road, you will be lured into the pretty colored Newell’s from yesteryear.  I started with a P220-5.  Amazed at its weight, strength and casting, I soon had a 229-5, then a 332-5, than 338-5, than a 540-5 and then stumbled upon a R220-5.  Just something about these colored reels are amazing.  They command a premium on … Continue reading Newell R220-5 Fishing Reel

Feeling Narrow Minded…

  Narrow models from Penn and Newell   Top to bottom: Penn Senator 1/0 – 3:1 Gears Newell 220 – 5:1 Gears Penn Jigmaster 501 – 4:1 Gears Penn Squidder 146 – 3.3:1 Gears Penn 4/0 T4N – 4:1 Gears Continue reading Feeling Narrow Minded…

Newell NL 540 5.5 Fishing Reel

This reel was found on Ebay this month for $64.99 delivered.  Appears to be in new condition on the inside and 80% of the outside.  Knob, Eccentric Lever Knob and Side Plate shows signs of BBQ gone bad. So from this day on it will be called the Smore!  First,  tear every thing down and clean, lubricate and inspect.  Knob would not rotate on handle … Continue reading Newell NL 540 5.5 Fishing Reel

New Aluminum Side Plates for Newell 300 Series Fishing Reels

I had the pleasure of building a Newell reel for a customer today that included the new Cortez Conversions aluminum side plates offered by Bryan Young.  They are everything that we have come to expect from Cortez Conversions.  Fit was perfect, craftsmanship outstanding and finish is superb. This reel started life as a Newell 338 J.  We installed the new 5+1 drags from Bryan and … Continue reading New Aluminum Side Plates for Newell 300 Series Fishing Reels

Newell Drags

Newell made two drag options.  The first and arguably the best is the original 4 stack drag system: The original P models had them.  Notice the washer mounted on the drag sleeve.  It provides the additional drag surface for the system.  Most of the Newell reels were made without that little valuable addition.  Thus the 3 stack standard drag stack.  Now you can still upgrade … Continue reading Newell Drags

Newell Reels are like Gremlin’s!

Buy one, get it wet and they multiply!  This is very dangerous and should only be done under strict supervision of a responsible adult.  Seriously, how could you not love these reels?  Super light, great drags, incredible casting and about as corrosion resistant as can be made.  If you just rinse it well after use, they will last a two lifetimes! 220 Series 229 Series … Continue reading Newell Reels are like Gremlin’s!

Newell S338-5 Fishing Reel NIB

Look what the postman brought me today!  A new in the box S338-5 Newell reel.  Warranty card, pristine box, extra handle washer, extra drag washers, and an extra e-clip with rod clamp.  Had not been unboxed in over 20 years, took it out and it spins like brand new!  Ah the new car smell!  Can’t decide if it will be trade fodder or a shelf … Continue reading Newell S338-5 Fishing Reel NIB