Penn Reels Before and After

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Newell R220-5 Fishing Reel

It is inevitable once you start down the Newell road, you will be lured into the pretty colored Newell’s from yesteryear.  I started with a P220-5.  Amazed at its weight, strength and casting, I soon had a 229-5, then a 332-5, than 338-5, than a 540-5 and then stumbled upon a R220-5.  Just something about…

DAM these are nice!

Recently came across a pair of DAM Quick reels from a fellow reel aficionado on  Both have been serviced with new drags washers and the normal greasing and oiling.  They both were considered micro for their day.  The first is a 1967 DAM Quick Finessa 110 Microlite.  It was introduced in the 60’s.  Great…