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To all our customers, family who support us and friends that encourage us, thank you!  2017 was truly a great year for us here at  We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!  Good luck in 2018 finding that fish of a lifetime!



Yellowtail Special

  • Pro Challenger Heat Treated Main Gear with Octagon Drag 113HX 4:1
  • Pro Challenger SS Gear Sleeve
  • Pro Challenger Eva Knob/ 6/0 knob
  • Motive Fab two position SS off set handle and SS star
  • Cortez Conversions Side Plates
  • Randy Pauly Tiburon T4N Frame and Spool

Custom Penn Narrow 4/0


Fit and finish are getting better and better.  Component are getting stronger and more corrosion resistant.  Handle is from Motive Fabrication Knob options:

Large Round knob from Pro Challenger and the large knob on the right is 6/0 knob.  He has several sizes.  Both are bullet proof and fit comfortably in my hand.


Pro Challenger stainless steel bridge with two dogs, 4:1 gear,pinion, 10 tooth gear sleeve.  Most notable is the new carbon Hex Drag system.

Stainless steel star is from Motive Fabrications

Narrow,  aluminum frame, head and end plates, offset two position handle with large 6/0 knob, all stainless internals, upgraded drags, fully adjustable spool bearing caps, (2) SS spool bearings,  aluminum spool, bring em on.

New Aluminum Side Plates for Newell 300 Series Fishing Reels

I had the pleasure of building a Newell reel for a customer today that included the new Cortez Conversions aluminum side plates offered by Bryan Young.  They are everything that we have come to expect from Cortez Conversions.  Fit was perfect, craftsmanship outstanding and finish is superb.

This reel started life as a Newell 338 J.  We installed the new 5+1 drags from Bryan and his plates on a new Tiburon frame.  We also upgraded the handle and knob.  This off set handle and knob came from Ulua Junkies and is a retrofitted Shimano.  This all black beauty is going to scream!  If you want to add strength without a lot more weight this upgrade is the ticket!


Newell Aluminum Side Plates (Cortez Conversions)

Custom Penn builds

Custom Penn Jigmasters and 4/0’s fully tanked. 

Meet the Super Jigmaster

Custom Penn Jigmaster 049

Custom Penn Jigmaster 044

Super Jigmaster 2

Custom Penn Jigmaster 046

Super Jigmaster 3


The new kid on the block is the Super 3″ wide Jigmaster!   Outfitted with all the latest upgrades from the good folks on

  • Cortez Conversions side plates with bearings
  • SS guts from Alan Chui at Pro Challenger
  • SS star and handle from Motive Fab
  • Custom Drags from Motive Fab
  • Custom Frame and Spool from Tiburon via Randy @ Vintage Offshore (Love the Ulua Graphics!)

This one goes with me to Hawaii with the 4/0 super wide below

Big Brother 2



Custom Ulua Fishing Reel (Penn 4/0 Extra Wide)

113HLW, Tib Frame  T4WEX and Spool from Vintage offshore,  Cortez Conversions Side Plates, Alan Tani knob, Motive Fabrications Off Set handle and Star in Stainless steel.  Pro Challenger bridge, sleeve, gear, pinion and jack in SS.  SS yoke from  Upgraded drag system from Bryan Young.  The reel below is the inspiration for this build just bigger and wider to handle 80lb mono for Ulua fishing of Molokai Island

Penn 501 Custom Jigmaster

Custom Penn Jigmaster 501


Custom Penn 4/0 extra wide

IMG_0621 (1)


Stainless Steel Guts Penn 113H 4/0

Finally we have true stainless steel mechanics inside the 4/0.  Pro Challenger just released the SS bridge and its double dogged!  Using his SS gear, pinion, jack, and sleeve, and bridge will deliver more strength and corrosion resistance than previously available for this popular model.  Now include the drag inserts from Motive Fabrications or the 7+1 drag system from Bryan Young and you have a +45lb drag reel.  Test results: Results 

To take full advantage of the potential of these reels, consider mounting all this on a set of Cortez Conversions, aluminum side plates with SS mounting hardware.

Lastly, to keep everything where it should be, consider a one piece frame from Tiburon, Randy Pauly at Vintage Offshore has a great selection!

Maximum strength, maximum corrosion resistance, maximum drag, maximum free spool!


Tight lines!

Penn 4/0 Narrow (Black Widow) Yellowtail Special

The next project is a Penn 113HN tanked (Yellowtail Special).  Stainless steel guts, 4:1 gears and massive drag upgrades, SS power handle and knob. This one will be double dogged sitting on a SS bridge from Pro Challenger.  Color combination is black Cortez side plates with black Tiburon frame and a blood red Tiburon spool.


BP Dble Dog Bridge for Penn 113H

1280px-Latrodectus_hasseltii_closeBlack widow 4:0 Penn NArrow


Reef fishing central Florida. 

Dwight Webb was a fine host and coach on this weekends fishing off New Smyrna beach.  This was my first time fishing for big shouldered Cobia, Snapper and Grouper.  It was also my first Party Boat fishing trip.  Equipped with my Penn 4/0 and 60-110 lb rated rod I thought I was ready.  “Drop em” said the captains voice over the loudspeaker and everyone deployed there bait and weight to the bottom. Bump bump holy _hit reel reel reel pop!

“Ok”I said out loud now I know what to expect.  Well these dudes like to go right back to the reef holes as soon as you hook them!  Lock down the drag and reel! Not as easy as it sounds!  Red snapper and mango snapper are tough dudes!  50 lb mono and leaders, 6/0 hooks still pop you off.  I managed to bend and twist a new Stainless Steel handle to the drag star while fighting something big.

I think I’m going to have to go thicker on this style handle or just go back to a solid handle!
Beautiful day, lots of fishing coming over the rail.  All in all it was a good learning experience and good company.  Can’t wait to try it again!