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  1. Want to purchase 300 side plates and drags.

  2. Is that a question or statement?

  3. Steve Marshall says:

    Do you still carry the frame, sideplates, 4 to 1 gears, for a Penn 4/0?

  4. Steve: Thank you for reaching out. Frames & gears are readily available. Side plates are in between runs. What did you have in mind? Andy

  5. Robert says:

    Can you do a complete maitenance service and drag upgrade on a penn 16/0 senator.

  6. Good evening Robert. Yes. Where are you located? I may have someone closer to you to save some postage money. Let me know! Andy

  7. Don Boulis says:

    I have an older 114h and two 113h’s. The are in good shape and real meat getters. They are the post frame models and I was considering one piece frames from tiburon for strength. I see some of your projects with the Cortez side plates and all and they are sharp. What’s the ball park price for all 3 to be tanks inside and out? Would it be about the same to just build from scratch? I’m talking bearings, drag, double dogged all aluminum frame and side plates. Big grouper are the normal target. Thanks.

  8. Don, thanks for the note. All those custom parts are available and more except the 6/0 aluminum side plates. He is going to make them available soon but none at this time. When I get back to the house I’ll send you some prices. Thanks again! Andy

  9. Don: Did you want me to build it for you or are you going to do it? I charge a flat $50.00 to build them. 4/0 Frames and spool $150.00, side plates are $110.00, Double dog Bridge $80.00 comes with SS gear sleeve. You can use your own gears if they are steel. If they are Brass than you need to stay within the stock drag range. If you have steel you can upgrade the drags to get an additional 8-12lbs of drag with either a extra drag washers or go with an insert . Drag upgrades range between $40-60.00.
    The 6/0 frames are $100.00 I can do a custom double dog using your side plates. Same issues with the drag and gears. Really depends on what gears you have in them and what spools you have in them. Are the spool Aluminum or Chrome over brass? I can source all the parts and build it for you. I do require payment in advance for all the custom parts. IF you get a chance give me a call at 425-802-0059. I can walk you through the process and give you some additional ideas on upgrades to build your tanks

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