We specialize in servicing, repairing and tuning  Abu Garcia,  Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, 13Fishing,  Okuma and Newell star drag casting reels. We also make and sell custom Penn reels on demand. We don’t work on spinning reels.  We can no longer work on Cabela’s Brand reels.

Basic Maintenance Freshwater bait-casting  (Star Drag)            $29.99 per reel

Basic Maintenance Saltwater Trolling, Casting (Star Drag)       $39.99 per reel

Advanced Service/Repair (all reels)                                            $49.00 per reel*

Corrosion Repair                                                                              +$20.00 per reel

Replacement Drag Washers                                                          +$8-$20 per reel

Replacement Bearings (Stainless Steel or Ceramic)                 Contact for pricing

Replacement Bearings (ceramic)                                                Contact for pricing

       Line Spooling Mono or Braid                                                        Contact for pricing

How it works

  1. Contact me and provide as much detail as possible (pictures help!)
  2. Price includes labor cost plus additional replacement parts (if needed). 
  3. Package & ship your reel.  Use the best materials for packing.  No sounds or movement should be felt or heard when shaking the box.
    • Two options:

If you’re located in Seattle, drop your reel off at Outdoor Emporium. They will ship directly to me:

1701 4th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98134

If you are located in the Boise area, drop your reel off at Howard’s Tackle Shoppe in Nampa, ID

Otherwise, wrap your reel in bubble wrap and ship to:

5558 N. Saguaro Hills Ave
Meridian, ID. 83646

4. Depending on the time of year, i’ll usually have your reel back to you within 10-15  business days.


How we service your reel:

  1. Break down and inspection
  2. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  3. Order replacement parts
  4. Install replacement parts/upgrades
  5. Grease & oil reel (Marine Grade Grease on Metal to Metal parts and screw holes, Cal’s Drag Grease on drag washers, TSI-321 High Speed oil in Spool bearings)
  6. Polish pinion and spool spindle
  7. Assemble reel
  8. Test operation
  9. Email customer and package reel for mail or pick up


1. What custom parts can you order?

I can order the following customer parts, based on availability. Contact me for pricing.

  • Handles & Knobs
  • Bearings
  • Drags
  • Frames
  • Side plates
  • Free spool levers
  • SS Drag Sleeves
  • SS Drag Sleeve Dogs
  • SS Drag Stars
  • Reel kits

2. What if more damage is uncovered during tuning?

I will always contact you to discuss the damage and get your approval on the next steps. If excessive damage is revealed, some reels may not be worth repairing. Reels with sentimental value are the exception here. 

3. Why is corrosion repair an added cost?

Reels with corroded spool bearings and pinions require additional labor to remove just so that I can service your reel. The total cost will depend on the degree of intrusion. If in doubt, send me a picture first.

Example of corrosion repair required prior to servicing reel.

4. What kind of drag washers do you use?

Most reels require new drag washers.  I only use greased Carbon Fiber drags.  The pricing on the drag kits for small reels range from $8-12.00 per reel.  On larger reels they can be as much as $20.00 per set.

Carbon fiber drags used for repair and service.

5. What type of bearings do you use for replacements?

Replacement bearings come in a variety of types and prices.  I use Boca bearings on all of my reels.  If you want a set from a boutique vendor just let me know.  I use stainless steel in most reels but ceramics are available at an additional cost.

6. How can I prevent corrosion on my saltwater reel?

I highly recommend that when you invest in a new saltwater reel, lubricate it! I can properly lubricate new reels to help prevent saltwater intrusion and corrosion.  This will allow you to use it for a season or two without concern.  It is cheap insurance on an expensive investment.

Drop me a line and let’s talk about what you have in mind!

Andy Smith

2021 Services Pricing

$29.99 per reel complete cleaning and service. Parts are in addition to cleaning and service cost. Lever drag reels $39.99 per reel.