Labor Pricing:

Basic Maintenance Freshwater baitcasting  (Star Drag)         $25.00 Per Reel

Basic Maintenance Saltwater Trolling, Casting (Star Drag)    $30.00 Per Reel

Advanced Service/Repair All Reels                                              $40.00 per reel*

*Replacement or repair parts are ordered after your approval only.   Parts are based on availability.  An estimate will be provided.  If excessive damage is revealed, some reels may not be worth repairing, with the exception of those with sentimental value.  In the event you chose to not have the parts replaced I can return to you with old parts installed.

*Reels with corrosion will be billed an additional $20.00 per reel.  Depending on the degree of intrusion.  If in doubt, send me a picture first.   Reels with corroded spool bearings and pinions will require additional labor to remove just so that I can service your reel.  Therefore additional costs are involved.


*Most reels require new drag washers.  I only use greased Carbon Fiber drags.  The pricing on the drag kits for small reels from $8-12.00 per reel.  On larger reels they can be as much as $20.00 per set.


*Replacement bearings come in a variety of types and prices.  I use Boca bearings on all of my reels.  If you want a set from a boutique vendor just let me know.  I use stainless steel in most reels but ceramics are available at an additional cost.

*It is highly recommended that when you invest in a new saltwater reel, bring it to me so that I can properly lubricate it to help prevent saltwater intrusion and corrosion.  In this way you can use it for a season or two without concern.  It is cheap insurance on an expensive investment.

drag stack Penn 6/0

Custom Parts:

  1. Handles & Knobs
  2. Bearings
  3. Drags
  4. Frames
  5. Side plates
  6. Free spool levers
  7. SS Drag Sleeves
  8. SS Drag Sleeve Dogs
  9. SS Drag Stars
  10. Reel kits

Drop me a line on what you have in mind and I can get you going in the right direction!

Andy Smith