Build Notes for the 4/0 Tank

The SS Yoke was getting stuck under the bridge and was generally too difficult to engage.  I took the SS yoke and ground the edge to a slight ramp where the jack rides up the edge to engage and disengage.  I used the Dremel tool to do the fine grinding.  After  grinding the engagement and disengagement of the yoke,  I polished it to a bright … Continue reading Build Notes for the 4/0 Tank

Newell P220-5 Fishing Reel Upgraded

This is the third Newell that I have tuned recently in what has become another addiction.  Super light weight, all stainless steel, incredible free spool  and corrosion resistant.  What more can you ask for in a reel?  How about strong as an Ox?  Newell reels with upgraded drags accomplish this too! High Speed SS bearings with TSI 321 high speed oil Spooled with 20b mono … Continue reading Newell P220-5 Fishing Reel Upgraded

Baby Tank Penn 1/0 Fishing Reel

  They all start pretty much the same, a good buy on eBay then the wait time wondering if your investment will require little to no time to turn around or if it will be a time suck.  This little beauty came in today and was in 5/10 shape.  No major issues, little corrosion and mostly just old grease and staining.  After breaking it down … Continue reading Baby Tank Penn 1/0 Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia 5501 Super Tuned

At first glance this appears to be a stock ABU Garcia 5501 C3.  However, looks can be deceiving.  We have all seen the  plain old car that has a 454 under the hood!  I start with a straight stock eBay Abu 5501.  Very capable little reel that is very popular.   At a list price at $125.00 new, I paid  $33.00 on eBay for this one. … Continue reading Abu Garcia 5501 Super Tuned

Shimano Calcutta 251

Shimano Calcutta 251 For years I used these in the drift boat on plug rods for salmon and steelhead.  Now I have moved them to my salmon bank rods and have been so impressed with their performance.  They are my go to King, Silver and Chum reels loaded with 30lb PowerPro these fish don’t have a chance. I was able to increase the drag pressure … Continue reading Shimano Calcutta 251

Greasing Carbontex Drags

Upgrading your standard factory drag washers with Carbontex is a simple upgrade that delivers superior results.  The benefits are more drag pressure and smoother drag performance.   Old drags start with a jerk and get sticky throughout the whole range of pressure.  This can lead to lost fish and broken lines and dreams. Carbontex drags from perform better at all drag pressures and as … Continue reading Greasing Carbontex Drags

Fishing Reel Greases

Drag grease, Gear grease, bearing grease, good god grease, waterproof grease, Carbontex drag grease, Yamalube, Cal’s grease, cold climate, warm climate, Shimano greases, Daiwa greases, Quantum Hot Sauce grease, Abu Grease, Penn Grease, how many and what goes where and when?  Each has different traits, different uses and different viscosities, heat resistance  and corrosion resistance.  For the sake of simplification, I will discuss only greases … Continue reading Fishing Reel Greases