ReelSpeed bearing pullers v.2

The email came from out of the blue.  It had been so long I had forgotten I was even on the list for the second generation of Reelspeed’s Miniature Bearing Puller kit.   I searched for several months last year for this device only  ever running into one dead end after another.  So this was […]

Shimano Bantam 201SG

     Once the hot reel for pacific northwest steelheaders, the Shimano Bantam 201SG is wonderful, light bait caster, ideal for throwing light weight lures and lead.  201 signifies a left hand version of the iconic fish killer.  I don’t know about you but I have always held the pole with my right hand and […]

Surf Blasters

While I was in Florida I became interested in fishing the miles of ocean beaches around Daytona, New Smyrna and Ponce Inlet.  It was a new type of fishing for this farm boy fishing small streams and rivers flowing up.  The concept of cast and wait was new to me.  The concept of casting 4 […]

Abu Garcia Surf Casting Beast

When we were living in Florida I became interested in surf casting on the beaches of Daytona, New Smyrna and Cape Canaveral.  I was not prepared for surf casting having moved from the Pacific NW for the type of gear required for enjoying the surf and jetty.  The salt water destroyed my Shimano Calcutta in […]

Schematics for Fishing Reels

If you plan on tearing down a reel, go get the schematic for your reel first. All are available on-line either from the manufacture or from parts companies such as  Another great site is  Both offer a wide selection of parts. Manufactures sites: Shimano Reels ABU Garcia Reels Daiwa Reels Penn Reels Akios […]

Fishing Reel Parts Websites

I am publishing a list of websites that I have personally used with great satisfaction.  There are many that I have not tried, given I don’t stray far from a good thing when found.  Parts sites:  Southwestern Parts, Dallas Texas Extensive parts lists for most of the most popular reels from the major manufactures, fast […]