Mono or braid line spooling

Starting today if you need line put on your reel after service or repair we are ready to help. We invested in a line winder and spool tension device to load braid or mono or both! We have the tools to properly join hollow braid to mono top shots. We use Jerry Brown hollow braid and Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond mono, but we can get whatever … Continue reading Mono or braid line spooling

COVID 19 and reels

Have to say that this year has been like no others. Masks, quarantine, slow mail, business closures, partial openings, more closures. Its exhausting to say the least. Idaho has certainly not had it as bad as most others. Somehow through it all, everyone that fishes seemed to find time to get out or at least determined their reels needed some love. We thank everyone who … Continue reading COVID 19 and reels

Like any small business, your vendors play a huge role in your success.

I have been fortunate to have been doing this long enough to make some observations on reel manufactures and parts dealers.  Everyone that I have come in contact with in this small industry is genuine and nice.  All are eager to help and exceed my expectations for customer service and satisfaction.  Two of these vendors are at a whole different level of support and service. … Continue reading Like any small business, your vendors play a huge role in your success.

Daiwa Tatula 8.1:1

Light and smooth. Spool is a thing of beauty.  Fine gears to produce the 8:1 ratio.  Great for throwing 1/8 jigs.  Many use it for steelhead fishing in the PNW.  Not the greatest drags for that application but you could do it,  I worry about the gear and pinion after a few hot steelhead but it would cast like a dream all day long!  Some … Continue reading Daiwa Tatula 8.1:1

How-to: Reel Bearing Corroded onto Spool Shaft

Every so often you come across a seemingly innocent looking reel that appears from the outside to be in perfect condition.  A quick turn of the handle does not reveal any potential problems.  Adjusting the drag and turning the handle usually produces a stick drag which is normal for most reels that have never been serviced.  Then you engage the clutch lever or casting button … Continue reading How-to: Reel Bearing Corroded onto Spool Shaft

How-to: Polish Shimano Trinidad Drag Surfaces

Shimano Trinidad reels have huge drag surfaces and drag washers. Once you upgrade and grease new carbon fiber drags its best to invest some time on the areas of the gear that come in contact with the new drag washers. Take a few minutes and polish the surfaces of the gear. The photo’s below show a before and after. Which surface do you think is … Continue reading How-to: Polish Shimano Trinidad Drag Surfaces