Shimano Charter Special Fishing Reel – Upgraded

Graphite framed, stainless steel gear and pinion, huge drag surface, aluminum spool and lever drag, what’s not to like? After servicing a few I have come to like what I see and feel. Lever drags are a different kind of reel than a star drag reel. I can see how this little reel could be a real salmon trolling machine. I would recommend them for … Continue reading Shimano Charter Special Fishing Reel – Upgraded

How-to: Reel Bearing Corroded onto Spool Shaft

Every so often you come across a seemingly innocent looking reel that appears from the outside to be in perfect condition.  A quick turn of the handle does not reveal any potential problems.  Adjusting the drag and turning the handle usually produces a stick drag which is normal for most reels that have never been serviced.  Then you engage the clutch lever or casting button … Continue reading How-to: Reel Bearing Corroded onto Spool Shaft

How-to: Shimano Tekota Reel Preventative Maintenance

We are fortunate to see many of these reels through the shop.  Most are used for trolling for salmon in the Pacific Northwest in the saltwater.  The the 600 series seems to be the right line capacity for the fishing application.  Some are line counters some are not.  These are great reels for this application as they have strong smooth drags, level wind mechanisms that … Continue reading How-to: Shimano Tekota Reel Preventative Maintenance

New Partnership

Effective today you will be able to drop your reels off and pick them up at Outdoor Emporium in Seattle, 7 days a week!   Invoicing and communication on estimates will be handled through Outdoor Emporium is the largest independently owned and operated sporting goods store in Seattle with a huge selection of the finest reels, rods and tackle in the area.   We … Continue reading New Partnership

Shimano Chronarch 201E7

Low profile casting reel with high speed gears and 7 bearings.  Local reel that has been used hard and dunked in the local glacial streams more than once. Outside looks dirty and silty if that is a word.  Worm gear is filled and every crevasse is filled.  Im not optimistic about the inside at this point. As I expected.  This fine silt throughout the reel … Continue reading Shimano Chronarch 201E7

Shimano 1500LC Trolling Reel

Shimano 1500LC is a great salmon trolling reel.  Direct drive with a line counter.  No longer being made and parts are hard to come by but these old reels are valuable to the salmon angler in the Puget Sound.  Two ball bearings and a simple drag.  Not many parts on these reels.  Bearings need constant attention or you can ruin a good old reel.  This … Continue reading Shimano 1500LC Trolling Reel

Thank you!

This month is the anniversary month for! Over the past few years we have been fortunate to service and repair many many reels for fisherman in the Puget Sound but also for customers worldwide. From Seattle to Sidney Australia and Texas to Thailand, all our customers are valued and appreciated. Our site was visited by fisherman from over 100 different countries!  We value our … Continue reading Thank you!